Andy Cook

Expedition Leader

Andy spent the first half of his career working on superyachts before returning to the UK and settling in Bristol, where he now works as a project manager.

He has always found adventure a great way to escape the day to day and keep his own mental health in shape. For a while, he has been looking at organising an expedition to raise money for charity. Having always wanted to be a pilot since childhood, this seems to be a great way to achieve that dream finally. 

He also sees this as a great opportunity to open up and share his experiences and further raise awareness of the importance of positive mental health.  

Dhaval Hasmuclal

As an experienced and qualified Architect, Dhaval has a true passion for making a societal change through practical and designed solutions. With a natural understanding of how people interact with their environments, Dhaval knows that productive workspaces can make a real difference to mental wellbeing. So, inspired by our challenge to raise awareness of positive mental wellbeing across workplace environments, Dhaval has volunteered as one of our new pilots.

Though he has never flown a paramotor before, Dhaval’s keen eye for detail, spatial awareness, and amazing cooking skills will be in no doubt keep us energized and elevated throughout our challenge.


Tom Hemingway

I’m Tom, a formerly very fit and now slightly couch potato-like Project Manager from the South West. Ten years ago, you’d find me running, swimming, and climbing mountains, but these days I’m more likely to be found sharing the sofa with my greyhound. Determined to get back to a more active lifestyle, I’m looking forward to joining the team to take on the Point to Point challenge and support the charities involved.

Before I met my wife, who supports our local Air Ambulance, I hadn’t realised that the Air Ambulance was funded wholly by charitable contributions. They play a truly vital role, and funds must continue to be raised so that they can reach the people who need them most. I’m also really pleased to have the opportunity to support Mind, who has brought great benefit to those close to me in difficult times.  

Tom Milne

Tom has an aviation background spanning 18 years both in the Royal Air Force and commercially. He is joining the team to bring his flying experience in the UK to help plan the route for the expedition and negotiate transits through any airspace.
With a mostly military helicopter background, the UK’s Air Ambulances’ work is close to his heart. He has seen first hand the importance of mental health support, such as that provided by MIND. The opportunity to join such an excellent expedition and support the work of two fantastic charities was something that he couldn’t pass up. (1)

Matt Windsor

Matt is a Project Manager in the construction industry currently living in Bristol. When he was younger, Matt’s ambition was to join the RAF. However, he discovered that he was too tall to fly a jet – if he ever had to eject, it was likely that his legs wouldn’t come with him and would instead remain in the cockpit!

Ever since that time, Matt has felt that aviation ‘owes him one’. So when the opportunity to fly across the UK, albeit not at Mach3, and probably without a pair of mirrored aviators, there

was no stopping him from getting involved.

Like many others, Matt has also experienced mental health issues in the past. He is a supporter of proactive mental health awareness in home and work life. He is keen to support mental health charities, particularly in the current context of a global pandemic and Brexit.

Rich Andrews

Rich is currently a Project Manager and before that had a 24-year career with the Armed Forces as a Tank Commander.
Rich is uber creative and loves to problem solve, this coupled with his previous experiences, should come in really handy during this expedition. When not spending time with the family, he’s often found clay pigeon shooting or with his head in an engine bay somewhere!  
Why is this guy who’s feet have been traditionally welded to the floor (Usually with the help of 70 tonnes of steel) trying to fly? Well, two things really, firstly he is always up for an exciting new challenge. Secondly, Rich has had an interest in flying from a very early age.
He is looking forward to the opportunity to learn new skills and not only take to the sky’s as a pilot but more importantly to raise money for these two amazing charities – MIND who support people with mental health and Air Ambulance who provide such amazing help 365 days of the year to those in need.
Simon-About-Page-1200x1513 (1)

Simon Westmore

Paramotor Instructor

Simon started flying immediately after leaving the Army. His first employer was a super keen Paraglider pilot who was able to introduce Simon through tandem flying. 

Simon is additionally qualified to pilot helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, however Paramotors remain his favourite. He loves the epic flying locations the UK has to offer.